About TrapXpress Stairway Renovation

TrapXpress is the go-to specialist in the supply and installation of quality floor covering for stairways. Installation is carried out by experts who renovate your stairway in one day. TrapXpress also gives you a 12-year warranty. Naturally TrapXpress is CBW-accredited, so that your rights as a consumer are guaranteed.

Expert specialists working for you

TrapXpress employs only experts who specialize in stairway renovation. You’ll notice this right away in the personalized advice they provide to you. Once you make a selection from our range of quality products, our professional installers will get to work. Our professionalism and the high quality of our products are unequalled.

This is why TrapXpress gives you a 12-year warranty for the materials used and the installation of the [floor covering] cladding. We deliver to the Netherlands, Belgium, and in border area and operate throughout the Netherlands.  Do you live just over the border in Germany or Belgium? We also deliver there. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions.

TrapXpress is CBW-accredited

As a CBW-accredited supplier, buying from TrapXpress has many pros, but most importantly greater security:

  • Safe (down) payments. You can make a down payment at no risk. You pay the balance upon delivery.
  • Extra warranty. TrapXpress gives you a 12-year warranty for the materials and installation.
  • Impartial settlement of complaints. If you ever have a complaint, you can submit it to the independent dispute resolution committee Wonen.

Read more about your consumer rights on the CBW website.

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